Our Qualifications

We take our professionalism seriously, it is the overriding corporate objective that, above anything else, we maintain our integrity and uphold the principles of professionalism at all times.  This in turn ensures that our clients and customers receives the professional service they should expect.
Our qualifications reflect this, we do not look for the cheapest or quickest and simplest route to qualification and certification, instead we look at world leading organisations who have time honoured and respected conditions of membership and strict standards that are a mark of trust and expertise so that our customers and clients can have trust that we hold the mark of professionalism and have the appropriate knowledge to provide the right service.


The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

ricsThe Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors began life as a group of Surveyors wishing to establish progressional standards and regulations for their growing profession.  In 1868 49 members met in the Westminster Palace Hotel and elected the first Council of the Institute of Chartered Surveyors.  In August 1881 the Group received its Royal Charter. Today there are over 100,000 members practicing in 146 countries with membership of RICS being synonymous with the ‘Gold Standard’ within the property industry.

In order to become a member of RICS a person must not only hold relevant academic qualifications but also qualifying professional experience and prove themselves to the Royal Institute that they are able to apply their academic knowledge competently whilst fully understanding the standards and requirements expected of them.  It is because such care is taken in awarding membership that the letters MRICS or FRICS (Fellow) commands such respect and is recognised worldwide as a mark of professionalism.

More information about the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors can be found here.


Surveyors and Valuers Association

savaThe Surveyors and Valuers Association (SAVA) is a certification scheme owned and operated by National Energy Services Ltd (NES).  NES Was established in 1994 to incorporate The National Energy Foundation and the Energy Advisory Service.  NES developed the national Home Energy rating to asses the energy efficiency rating of New Homes, starting as project in Milton Keynes before extending nationally.  After acquiring SAVA, NES began developing a training package for new Home Inspectors in response to the Energy Bill which would bring about the requirements for Home Information Packs.

Being at the forefront of developing this new industry SAVA is widely regarded as the foremost authority on the Home Condition Surveys and development of Energy Assessment.  It is a Government Approved Certification Scheme who requires it members to be suitably qualified to a high standard and have a reliable working knowledge of acceptable standards, rules and regulations.  All of SAVA’s members are subject to appropriate security checks and its members are issued with ID cards so that anybody in receipt of a members services will be able to check who they are and where they are from.

More information about the Surveyors and Valuers Association can be found here.


National Home Energy Rating

nherThe National Home Energy Rating was originally established by National Energy Services to assess the energy rating of New Homes in Milton Keynes.  Having already been well established in the Industry, when the concept of Energy performance Certificates was born NES was well placed to have significant input into their development and to create a suitable professional training scheme around it.  The First Energy Assessors began completing their training early on and NES had acquired Government Approval for NHER to become an accreditation Scheme.  Like SAVA, NHER has strict criteria that must be satisfied in order for an Energy Assessor to become accredited and subsequently allowed to practice in the Domestic and non-domestic market.  Having been such an early contributor to the Industry anyone can be assured that a member of the NHER scheme is fully qualified, appropriately security checked and offers a professional service backed by appropriate knowledge.

More information can be found about the National Home Energy Rating Scheme can be found here.