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Radon gas in Pembrokeshire

We often find, particularly when purchasers or their solicitors are based outside of the area, that one of the recurring issues raised is that of radon gas.  The horror of learning that your home could be filled with a radioactive gas is often the result of some misunderstanding as to where it occurs, how it occurs and at what levels the risks become relevant.  The truth is that everyone in the UK is at risk of Radon Gas – it is a naturally occurring result of the radioactive decay of uranium that is present in all rocks and soils.  In some areas it is more concentrated than others but it is so easy to deal with that we virtually tend to ignore it as a known presence.  However it is something we should all be aware of, just not overly concerned with necessarily.  To aid in the issue we have created a page providing some basic information about Radon and some links to where more detailed explanations cn be found here.