Radon Gas

Being familiar with radon gas and its presence in pembrokeshire and, also being familiar with the low risk involved we can become quite blase about the possibility of a property being identified as being within a radon affected area.  Of course, however, a purchaser from outside the area, perhaps having never heard of radon gas, could be quite taken aback to learn that their proposed purchase is in the middle of a radioactive gas area!!  So what is this gas that has suddenly become an issue?  Below is some basic information about radon and some useful sites that can provide further reading if required.

Radon entry

  • Radon is a colourless, odourless gas whihc is present everywhere formed through the natural decay of uranium sources in all rocks and soils which can enter the home as demonstrated by the image on the right.
  • In certain areas the concentration of such gas is of a level that some protective measures are advised.
  • The most affected part of the country is Cornwall and surrounding areas.  Pembrokeshire is also an affected area, albeit on a smaller scale.
  • The majority of Pembrokeshire requires little or no action, but in some areas, particularly within the mountainous regions, the level of gas present is above the action level for a small percentage of homes.
  • In such cases the presence of Radon can be measured to accurately identify if the presence of the gas is sufficient enough to require action.

Where a property is measured to be above the action level there some simple protective measures that remove any kind of risk including:

  • Barriers or membranes that effectively seal the floor and inhibit Radon gas
  • Ventilation of suspended floor spaces
  • Radon Sumps, active and passive systems are available, both provide significant reduction.

The costs of such actions depends on the level of action that is required and whether it will require contractor work or can be undertaken DIY.

Whilst it is understandably scary to hear that there is a possibility of a radioactive gas being present in your new home the reality is not.  The unknown is scariest and with such easy and simple methods available to measure and counteract as required you will soon understand why it is not considered a ‘big deal’ locally.  it certainly shouldn’t put you off your dream home!

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