SAVA Home Condition Survey

The Home Condition Survey was designed for Homebuyers to offer a survey option that was quicker and cheaper than a full building survey or RICS Homebuyers Report. The survey highlights any areas of the property that require urgent attention or present serious faults, and it tells you about ongoing maintenance that you might have to plan for.

The Home Condition Survey will:

  • Identify any major problems with the home you are buying;
  • Highlight any hidden areas of possible concern that need further investigation;
  • give you a simple 1,2,3 condition rating of all key elements of the property;
  • deliver a comprehensive and jargon-free report;
  • help you plan for future expenditure; and
  • be carried out by our accredited and comprehensively insured surveyor;
  • be based on a visual inspection.

It will not:

  • Provide a valuation of the property (although we will provide one under separate cover if required);
  • Provide detailed advice about any defects recorded;
  • Provide advice on the cost of any repair work or what type of repairs should be used;
  • contain any kind of asbestos survey;
  • be based on any kind of invasive inspection.

This survey should be considered where there are few concerns about the subject property. If you have specific concerns about the property or it is more than 50 years old then we may advise you to consider our Home Buyers Report. Or we may advise you that a full building survey would be more suitable and in these cases we would recommend some local surveyors on a case by case basis.

For a brief discussion about the most advisable survey for your requirements please contact us.