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Survey, do I need one, and which one?

Homebueyer report or building surveyIf you are about to invest vast sums of money in buying a property you will ant to make sure that your investment is soundly made.  You wouldn’t want to buy a car without knowing a little about its history and what problems may need attending to and the cost of your car is likely to be a tiny proportion of what you may be spending on your home.

That is where a survey can prove invaluable.  There are several reports available but by far the most cost effective and informative comes in two guises:


  1. The Homebuyers Report; or the
  2. Building Survey

The Homebuyers report is generally used where the property is of relatively young age i.e. built in the last 30 years or so and provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of the property, what may need work and what requires further investigation.  The Building Survey is often used where the property is older or there are specific concerns you may have about its structure or condition.  The Building Survey goes in to far greater detail of the structure of the building, its condition, the cause and remedies of faults and the likely cost of remedial work.  Both reports provide you with an RICS Registered Valuers opinion on the value of the property.  The Homebuyers Report typically starts at about £300 plus VAT whilst the Building Survey starts at about £500 plus VAT.  When such reports can be powerful tools in the renegotiation of purchase prices and the peace of mind they provide about the vast expenditure on a new home they represent significant value themselves.

To talk to a surveyor about what report may be best and any property related concerns you may have about a potential purchase call us on 01437 762538.