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EPC Regulations updated to include Holiday Lets

EPC's for holiday lets

Energy Performance Certificates Regulations are as easy to keep up with as a 12 cylinder Ferrari.  They appear to be ever changing extending their reach to incorporate more and more types of properties.  Fortunately R K Lucas & Son are specialists in this field and have been at the forefront of EPC provision since the Regulations were introduced in 2007.  Indeed we were the first qualified experts in this field in the whole of Pembrokeshire and have remained at the forefront ever since.  Well with no surprise the Regulations are adapting again to incorporate Holiday Lets.    Continue reading

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Huge surge in Market Activity

With all the conflicting newspaper headlines it is easy to become confused as to what the housing market is doing.  One paper announces the market is about to drop and another shouts out that we are about to enter into another boom – what on earth is going on?  One of the problems is that the reports are often made off the back of statistics provided by one provider of mortgages.  So if a provider has changed their lending criteria for that month they may report a decline or a rise in the number of mortgages approved – which is then reported as a decline or rise in housing costs as the average amount loaned fluctuates – it is not very clever journalism! Continue reading

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An ever-expanding service!

We’re never one to rest on our laurels and despite rising to the coveted tops spot for new listings and number of properties in our target ares on the UK’s largest property Portal – (link) we have now expanded to list our properties on (link) and (link).

This means that we are now showcasing our properties to even more potential purchasers than ever.  Concentrating on constantly evolving our services for the benefit of clients and customers means that we never have the time to put any effort into trying to poach other agents clients through the use of questionable mailing practices or intrusive phone calls.  It’s hard to lead the pack without compromising principles and whilst upholding a professional work ethic but that’s the way we like it and intend to keep it.  Besides it must be even harder constantly playing catch up!

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We are on Twitter!

When our firm was established in 1789 little could they have ever imagined the evolution of technology that would allow the whole world to be instantly connected via a digital web of computers, satellites and hand-held devices.  In fact the thought of a digital device that could automatically calculate figures would have been too much!  Continue reading