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Website updates.

The marvellous chaps at Webadept have been busy at it again – updating the functionality of the website in response to feedback received so far.  As we are now averaging well over 3,500 visitors per month, and climbing,  we have been able to get some great feedback.  Whilst most really like the clean image and plethora of information provided some felt that the search facility could be confusing.  In response we have cleaned up the property drop down list to make the property descriptions a little clearer and a further update that is to happen very soon will re-order the list into groups so that all attachments of Houses will be together, attachments of bungalows together etc etc.

Further updates happening right now are the ability to search and apply for rental properties on line, so whilst the whole process has been time consuming we hope that you feel, as we do, that it is all very much worth it.